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Jason R

Owner & Lead Designer

    My Password is: password
    {I failed to understand the question}

    Jason is passionate about designing and crafting functional websites that help his clients grow their business. Married with 5 children, he’s raising a family while building a business. He values the freedom of working from a home office and hopes to grow a large team of designers that also value this lifestyle. He enjoys playing golf, basketball, coaching sports, reading, and hanging out with his family.

    Janell A

    Project Manager & SEO Specialist

      My Password is: abc123
      {I’m a fan of the Jackson Five}

      Janell loves paying attention to the details and learning about this ever-changing industry. She sees SEO like putting together a jigsaw puzzle– analyzing where to place numerous bits of info to create the final result: a beautiful website that Internet users can easily navigate and successfully find in the search engines.

      On a personal note, Janell feels that God blessed her with an amazing, loving husband. They enjoy bicycling, traveling, cooking, and camping together (and will hopefully own a Chocolate Lab Retriever one day soon!).

      Jonathan O

      WordPress Designer/Developer

        My Password is: KingInTheNorth
        {The North Remembers}

        Jonathan is a husband, father of two, a fan of movies and Netflix binge-watching, and a Lancaster County native. When he isn’t designing or developing WordPress sites, he likes playing video games with his two daughters, taking walks downtown to Lancaster Market & nearby parks, and hanging out with the neighbors in his community. Jonathan and his family enjoy the #CityLife.

        Jamie R

        WordPress Designer/Developer

          My Password is: itsasecret
          {Well if you’re going to have a password, it should be a secret}

          Jamie has over 20 years of design, print, and leadership experience. He believes that print & web design needs to be practical, functional, and results oriented. The two most important things for a good user experience are good visual design and rich content. You can’t have a good, lasting website that has one and not the other. Jamie is married with 2 children. His family enjoys fishing, camping, and going to the beach.

          Sarah Mo

          WordPress Designer/Developer

            My Password is: password1
            {I added a 1 for extra security}

            Crafting websites is exciting for Sarah because she loves to imitate God’s creative work in nature. There’s something insanely cool about combining intricate design and compelling content, then wrapping it up into a lean, efficient bundle of code. Off work, Sarah spends time with family & friends, her dog Texas, and volunteering in her local community.

            Sarah McV

            WordPress Designer/Developer

              My Password is: asdfasdf
              {Random letters = security}

              Sarah is lucky enough to have found the perfect career, as a web designer and developer she gets to exercise both sides of her analytical yet creative brain. She is most happy with her husband and daughter, prefers a date night of video games over movies, and frequently daydreams about snowboarding.

              Austin G

              Hosting Support Rep
              Anchor Hosting

                My Password is: OX^WG@58s~PIsZp]
                {Even better if I can’t remember}

                I’m Austin, your personal WordPress hosting and maintenance expert. I specialize in hosting WordPress websites for business owners, freelancers and non-profits. Each website runs quickly and securely.

                RedX Freelance Team

                hardwork We also have relationships built with many local Lancaster County freelancers who specialize in their respective fields, including graphic design, content writing, SEO, videography, photography, and web design. On occasion we’ll bring in these proven freelancers we’ve worked with for many years to handle a special client need.

                RedX Partners

                ydop_logo2 We’ve partnered with local companies to provide additional support and services, such as Internet Marketing and WordPress Hosting. These partners give our clients a more cohesive experience between various web-related services. The teams working together also provide a better user experience for our client’s target customer.

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