About the Client

ICCA is dedicated to Advancement, Education, and Safety of Construction Contracting. The Inter-County Contractors Association is a trade organization serving the construction industry operating in Lancaster and adjoining counties. Members include excavating and paving contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers. Associated members, such as equipment dealers and insurance companies, add to the diversity of the group.

The Inter-County Contractors Association was founded in 1957 by several Lancaster County excavating contractors.

Most of these early members had started life as farmers. Later on as contractors, they were faced with both new-found opportunities and challenges. Their desire to learn, grow, and share common challenges led to the formation of this new trade organization.

Since then, the ICCA has grown to over 120 members strong.

Our meetings were first held in a member’s office. Within a few years, they were moved to local restaurants for dinner meetings, a tradition that still continues today.