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{ Freedom by Design }

Giving our clients control, on purpose.


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Work with reliable local web professionals


{ Set your Pace }

You're busy with customers, vendors, and employees. We work around your schedule.


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Empowering our clients to grow their business online with WordPress.


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You know the importance to support your local community.


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Get listed on Google with Local SEO & Internet Marketing


Welcome to

RedX Web Design

{ Freedom by Design }


We believe in empowering our clients with the freedom to control their content & brand, freedom to set a pace that fits their schedule, easy access to their content, and training to make simple changes. Our team is dedicated to continuously improving our service, improving ourselves, and investing in each other. We have the opportunities to be generous with our time, talent, and treasure, and to honor Christ by serving others.

RedX Web Design company was established in 1999. We create remarkable websites, provide SEO services, and manage web hosting for our clients. Our creative vision for merging design with functionality and web-based software, such as WordPress, is our flagship. We design websites for various industries and we collaborate with professionals to produce multi-functional websites. Our passion as web designers drives our desire to be a leader in designing portfolio style websites for companies in Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg, PA.

Excellent web design at a fair price.

Responsive Web Design

A website design approach aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience. The website layout adapts to the users device by using a fluid grid to adjust for a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop.

WordPress CMS

A Content Management System originally started as a blog platform. WordPress is a community of coders investing into an open source platform. It has become a major player on the web and is constantly improving. While staying simple to use, WordPress has become a powerful content editor and is the preferred platform of millions.

Managed WP Hosting

A specialized hosting service that offers more value and more features for customers running WordPress; sites load incredibly fast, security is a high priority, and upgrades are done automatically. You also get a dedicated customer service rep who knows WordPress.

Internet Marketing

Grow your business online with new technologies such as social media, and old strategies such as word of mouth. Optimize your content to comply with Google standards for the best search results, and study your users to give them the best online experience with conversion optimization.


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