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Jason has served on the Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) now for over 8 years at the Brownstown LCCTC Commercial Art program. The committee’s main purpose is to give direction to the Instructor for making decisions about curriculum, software, and class room setup to align with real world situations.

He also teaches a 2 day Web Design class every May. Giving the students a fictitious client to develop a sitemap, create design comps, and then the top two designs win a monetary gift.

In Brief:
The Commercial Art program is designed to introduce students to necessary tools and skills that will help advance their training in Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Fashion/Interior Design, Advertising Art Direction, Animation, and Film. The Commercial Art program stresses craft, concept and professionalism. The program focuses on traditional board work, layout composition, illustration, elemental photography and production art. Program coursework continues with training on Apple® workstations and Adobe® Creative applications as students study computer graphics, typography and production basics. Students entering the Commercial Art program should have a background in several types of art with at least basic computer experience. Drawing ability, creativity, color keenness and the ability to sit at a workstation for extended periods of time, while meeting strict deadlines, are necessary aptitudes. The Commercial Art program is an excellent prelude to advanced post-secondary training at both colleges and art schools. It allows students to prepare an extensive portfolio and even obtain college credit with participating post-secondary schools.

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